Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul supporters literally tread on dissenter

The big ass pin on one of the Rand Paul supporters who assaulted a peaceful protester outside of the Rand Paul/Jack Conway debate says, "Don't Tread on Me." Apparently that rule doesn't hold for a tiny woman holding a small sign they didn't like. The video speaks for itself:

Via TPM, here's another angle that shows the head stomping more clearly.

To be fair there were obviously some Paul supporters who were appalled by the violence and were calling for police, but you have to ask why they didn't try harder to stop these guys or turn them in immediately when the police arrived. I mean, they're clearly identifiable in the photos and video. Somebody has to know who they are and last I heard there were still no arrests made.

Meanwhile, the usual far right wing suspects* are making light of the incident. She deserved it because she's also a GreenPeace activist and she was going to "attack" Rand Paul and you know, "both sides do it" so it's no big deal. Besides she has no right to exercise her free speech rights in their country. [*No, I'm not going to link directly to them.]

Make no mistake, these thugs are the dogs that respond to the dogwhistles of the far right media and GOP politicians who are giving a wink and nod to "Second Amendment solutions" to losing at the ballot box, but you know, they're not advocating violence and it's not their fault if these "lone wolves" attack.

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