Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul reacts to head stomping - Updated

Or maybe a more accurate title would be Rand Paul excuses head stomping by his supporters. When asked for his reaction in an appearance on the always friendly Fox News, Rand claims it was a simple matter of passionate people on both sides of the fence "jockeying back and forth." The video is worth watching if only for Rand's bland demeanor.

Meanwhile, it's been confirmed that the woman was hospitalized with a concussion and neck and shoulder injuries. And the excuses from the usual thugs of Wingnuttia just keep getting uglier. They're already moving to, "the b*tch deserved it" phase. Figure it's only a matter of time before they declare her assaulters their heroes of the day.

Update: Apparently, the Paul campaign figured out the bland comments were not playing well, so they issued a slightly stronger condemnation this afternoon that suggested they knew the perp. Which as it turns out, they did, but that's another post.

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