Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Victory Mosque

Just when you thought the idiocy about the Park51 cultural center was dying out, a local NC candidate resurrects the stupid. Republican Renee Ellmers new campaign ad trots out the "no monuments to conquest" meme.

The cons often brought up the "victory mosque" in Cordoba, Spain at the height of the Ground Zero frenzy. One wonders how many even know what The Mezquita looks like. I've been there. It's one of the most gorgeous buildings I've ever had the good fortune to tour.

Spent half a day walking around inside. Not without reason is this listed as a sacred site.

Ironically, it was turned into a Catholic cathedral "by the Christian conquerors in the early 13th century." Not that the anti-Muslim bigots ever mention that part. Probably don't even know since I doubt Glenn Beck mentioned it to them.

And then there's the US Embassy in Baghdad. What is this really but the most hideous "monument to victory" ever built? Looks like a prison.

Also the largest, about the size of Vatican City, and the most expensive "victory monument" in the world. Definitely did not get our money's worth out of this monstrosity. And you can't even visit it to see what it looks like inside unless you have the "proper papers." But it's the Muslims who are arrogant victors?

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