Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Party Takeover?

Maybe I'm just down because I can't kick this respiratory infection from hell, but I can't seem to muster up much excitement about the primaries today. Mostly, I'm just glad to see they're almost over so we can get on to the general. Going to be an interesting midterm with so many kooky Tea Party insurgents winning the GOP primaries. It appears their strategy is going to be to avoid the unfriendly "lame stream" media but if I know the DC press corps, I'm guessing they'll take that as an insult and do some oppo of their own in retaliation. And hell, maybe the Dems might even figure out how to shed some light on the extremists in the field via their own campaigns.

The only primary I'm at all interested in today is the certifiably crazy Christine O'Donnell in Delaware since so many hard core cons are fighting against her. Can't decide if they're geniuely scared or just playing some kind of reverse psychology here, but juding from how many establishment GOPers were kicked out this cycle, somehow I don't think the GOP strategists understood what they were unleashing when they ginned up those Tea Party tantrums in 09.

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