Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Much ado about not much - Updated

Everybody is doing the post-mortem on yesterday's primaries and unsurprisingly the buzz is about crazy Christine O'Donnell and the chaos in the GOP response to her win. Most interesting part of that is Rove is getting beat up by the purists and Rush is trashing him this morning on the radio for daring to mention on Hannity's show that Chrissie is --um-- batshit crazy.

Creepy Palladino in NY state not getting as much attention. I'd forgotten last night that he was the candidate that sent out the mass emails featuring overt racism and implied beastiality. Which kind of makes one wonder what really goes on in the barns of the conservatives' farms in upstate New York.

Also looks like the Palin-endorsed nutcake in New Hampshire is going to win. Forget his name already. Something French. Which is also kind of weird considering the same people who are voting for him invented Freedom Fries. Whatever.

Internets have to obsess over the instant minutia but in the end this is the real story on the primaries: Final tally: 417 Sens. & Reps. renominated, 7 lost (98% won). That includes Charlie Rangel who won his primary.

Apparently Democrats aren't any better in weeding out the corrupt than the Republicans are. Nothing really changes all that much.

Update: Got the New Hampshire thing wrong. French guy apparently lost by about 1,600 votes and he wasn't Palin's choice. The Snowflake Grifter endorsed the winner, who is apparently one of her "mama grizzly" girls. But her name still sounds kind of foreign. Ayotte. Sounds almost Arabic doesn't it?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So O'Donnell is crazy and Palladino is creepy? Have you looked at your Detroit News photo? Now that's creepy.

2:17:00 PM  
Blogger said...

Ayotte sounds French to me.

Also in NH, the progressive Dem Ann McLane Kuster beat Joe Lieberman's presidential campaign co-chair Katrina Swett. Not that anyone would have noticed.

It's always good news for Republicans ...

6:12:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Yeah it could be French. It's certainly sounds more foreign than Yankee third generation.

I did get an email or something about the progs win. Sadly it wasn't for a big enough office to overcome the crazy at sucking up the media attention. Of course, even if she won a bid for President the media would ignore a prog win.

8:40:00 PM  

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