Friday, August 06, 2010

Not brain surgery

I tend to think the internet pundit class offers way too much unsolicited advice, but Steve Benen, in response to reports that some in the House are nervous about voting for the state's aid bill, has some of the sagest words for the Democrats I've seen in a long while.
Passing the state-aid bill should be the easiest of no-brainers, but the fact that even this is problematic makes ambitious policymaking impossible. Ideally, right now, Democrats should be preparing a massive jobs bill, without any concern at all for the deficit. When asked if they consider job growth more important than the deficit, Dems should be bold about it: "You're damn right we do."
It's not just about the economy, it's about standing for something, and standing up to the GOP lies and the media who dutifully reports those lies as "disagreements." Dems promised to do that "if only they had a majority" but every time I look Harry Reid is negotiating to weaken bills instead of leading a fight against false memes.

I'm tired of excuses and screw seniority. If the Dems manage to hold on to a majority, thinking it's time for a new Leader.

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