Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dream a little dream, of me

Just can't shake this illness. It keeps fluctuating between better and worse. Felt reasonably ok at work today. Was thinking snorting the saline solution was helping. But when I got home, I suddenly got very tired and my temperature spiked to 100.3 again. So I decided to take an aspirin and a nap.

Set the alarm for 6:00. When it woke me up, I couldn't turn the damn thing off. Pulling the plug didn't work. I was literally breaking it apart with my bare hands, disconnecting all the wires. Meanwhile, my old co-worker and my old next door neighbor showed up. Along with a few strangers. They wouldn't help me stop the beeping but had weird convos with me instead.

I finally woke up for real at 6:06. Such a vivid dream. So meta. So weird.


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