Thursday, July 15, 2010

This boat don't float

I love when this stuff happens. Construction at the World Trade Center site unearths an archeological find.
By Wednesday, the outlines made it plain: a 30-foot length of a wood-hulled vessel had been discovered about 20 to 30 feet below street level on the World Trade Center site, the first such large-scale archaeological find along the Manhattan waterfront since 1982, when an 18th-century cargo ship came to light at 175 Water Street.

The area under excavation, between Liberty and Cedar Streets, had not been dug out for the original trade center. The vessel, presumably dating from the mid- to late 1700s, was evidently undisturbed more than 200 years.
Not quite as cool as digging up, say, dinosaur bones or the lost city of Atlantis, but still an interesting find. Sadly, it's apparently going to dissolve quickly into dust now that they've exposed it to the open air.

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