Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Small progress on war funding votes

It's true the supplemental war funding bill passed yesterday with a majority of Democratic support, but it's the best vote on war funding we've had since these stupid occupations started.
In the House vote, 148 Democrats and 160 Republicans backed the war spending, but 102 Democrats joined 12 Republicans in opposing the measure. Last year, 32 Democrats opposed a similar midyear spending bill. Among those voting against the bill on Tuesday was Representative David R. Obey, a Wisconsin Democrat and the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, the panel responsible for the measure.

Some of the Democratic opposition stemmed from the decision by party leaders to strip from the bill money that had been included in the original House version to help address the weak economy at home, including funds to help preserve teachers’ jobs. But some of those voting against it said they were influenced by the leaked documents, which highlight the American military’s struggles in Afghanistan and support claims that elements of Pakistan’s intelligence service were helping the Taliban.
Don't know why the Democrats didn't force the GOP's hand and instead stripped out the domestic funding for the states. I imagine there was some White House pressure involved since Obama is cleary set on maintaining this loser policy for another Friedman Unit or two. But I find it somewhat curious that some claim they voted against it based on the Wikileak revelations.

Since I still haven't seen much of anything in those documents that wasn't already in the public record, it suggests to me that our Congresspeople really are as clueless as the most low-info voters out there. If it doesn't help solidify their seat, they don't really pay attention. Describes what's wrong with our political class in a nutshell.

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Anonymous Ruth said...

Wikileaks has achieved what most news does not, a universally recognized presence. While the teabaggage can make up its own facts for the most part, when anything achieves this kind of total immersion, it has to be dealt with. More of this, please.

4:03:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Hey Ruth. I'm not so sure this doc dump will really change anything. It's so big few will read the particulars and they'll just believe their ususal spokesmouths who tell them the evil lefties put the soldiers in danger or whatever. I'm afraid it won't motivate any greater opposition than we already have. Would be thrilled to be wrong though.

8:17:00 AM  

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