Sunday, July 25, 2010

Really Important Point and Click Activisim

This is the most important point and click activism I've ever posted. At least to me personally, since I have a chance to rid my district of the horribly embarrassing Virginia Foxx in Congress.

Billy Kennedy is a real grassroots candidate and he's not a Blue Dog. He's a working man who could make a real difference in Congress. DCCC won't help him because he's not part of the machine. If he wins this DFA contest it's worth 30K and a lot of volunteer hours for him. This is important because this is a really Republican district and also relatively poor financially so it's difficult much money in small donations.

I asked you to vote in the preliminary round. This is final round and Billy is close to winning. Just needs a couple of hundred of votes to make this happen. Final round ends at midnight tonight. So please, take a moment and vote for Billy Kennedy as the the DFA Allstar. You don't have to live in his district to vote. Thanks.

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