Saturday, July 03, 2010

Leave Michael Steele ALOOOOOOOONE

Michael Steele sparked up an otherwise slow Independence Day weekend with his latest tirade against President Obama. Liz Cheney joins the growing chorus of neocons calling for his resignation. That's the last thing I want to see. He gives great blog fodder.

The weird thing is, he's mostly right. Not about it being "Obama's war of choice" of course. It's not even a war, it's an occupation and even the most blinkered wingnut hasn't forgotten who invaded the country in the first place. Which isn't to say that Obama doesn't own the current wrongheaded strategy and misguided justifications for staying there, but really Steele can be so clueless. You might think by now he would realize he's on record as having called Afghanistan, "A War We Have To Win" and who could forget the whole "dithering" narrative the GOPers pushed for days on end?

But Steele is so right that Afghanistan is a losing cause, and no one could win a land war there. I've been saying that myself since before Bush invaded. However, Steele is probably thinking more like we should bomb the place into glass ashtrays and then get out and me, I just want us to leave. Yesterday.

As for the DNC's leadfooted response to Steele's remarks, I have to agree with those who thought it was just awful. Accusing war dissenters of hating the troops and wanting the US to fail is not what I had in mind when I wished for the Dems to push back harder against GOP memes. It was lame when the GOPers used it against the anti-war activists and it still is lame and entirely wrong. Adopting that meme doesn't give me much hope that the Obama administration is getting a clue about what's wrong with being there.

Anyway, if you somehow missed the video, here it is. One can only hope that the left wing critics of the DNC response made the Dems think about the strategy, at least a little.

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