Friday, July 23, 2010

If Republicans regain a majority

Paul Krugman runs down the revisions the GOP is currently making to the history of the Bush era. Read it all if you need the review but here's the point:
Again, Republicans aren’t trying to rescue George W. Bush’s reputation for sentimental reasons; they’re trying to clear the way for a return to Bush policies. And this carries a message for anyone hoping that the next time Republicans are in power, they’ll behave differently. If you believe that they’ve learned something — say, about fiscal prudence or the importance of effective regulation — you’re kidding yourself. You might as well face it: they’re addicted to Bush.
Also this:
And subpoenas and endless witch hunts. It will be the Clinton years all over again, only worse because now there's Fox and the rest of the wingnut wurlizter on the internets to amplify the crazy. Not to mention their stenos in the establishment media.

I won't shed any tears over losing a few Blue Dogs, but it's going to get ugly if Republicans really do take back majorities. Not going to panic yet though. I seem to recall hearing about the great GOP victories of 06 and 08 practically right up to election day.

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Anonymous Ruth said...

Agree, this coming victory seems just another paragraph in the lie machine that is wingnuttery. The U.S. public has a 20% factor, that is fooled all of the time. The worse the spectacle of the teabaggage becomes, the harder it is to convince those of normal intelligence that it should be given control of what has proved a delicate government.

11:55:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm hoping the teanutters will get so cocky they'll go over the edge of acceptability to the point where even the tradmed has to admit they're crazy. Also, the stupid season, which seems to be more of an ongoing thing than seasonal anymore, is always worse in the summer. Heat makes even sane people crazy.

4:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Patrick in Lincoln Park said...

Ummm, I am to the right you and I thought that whole thing with Tencredo was dumb.

Just an FYI...


P.S. so did many on the right.

5:30:00 PM  

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