Monday, July 12, 2010

Democrats doing it wrong - Updated

While I appreciate that the Dems finally decided to fight back against the GOPers I wish they would create their own fresh approach instead of trying to ape the stale GOP tactics. I got an email from DSCC this week. They called it a rant. It was a pitch for money using recycled outrage about Vitter's aide and Sharron Angle's lemonade remark that alreadly burned out on Twitter a couple of days previously. It's the sort of pitch that would probably work for the GOP base, but the Dems don't seem to realize that this is not their audience. Nobody is going to give them money because GOPers said something stupid to prove they're hypocrites. We already know that and don't see the Democrats doing anything to stop them. If they want money and support from liberals they have to deliver something stronger than the weak tea that fuels FreedomWorks.

While the left is prone to get as hyped up over the latest shiny outrage as anyone, it's merely a momentary distraction to pass the time while we're waiting for the Democratic Party to do something of substance. Unlike the GOP base, we know that Hawaii is a state and actually understand how government works -- or doesn't. And no one has forgotten the eight years of excuses during the Bush adminstration for their failure to hold the GOP in check and promote a more liberal agenda. They told us they needed a bigger majority to get anything done. We gave them one and they still didn't deliver much, especially in the Senate.

Why on earth the DSCC thinks we're going to give them more support and money when they failed to deliver strong, meaningful changes to policy is beyond me.

Update: Today the DCCC emails me for money, trying to scare me with Glenn Beck's university, Karl Rove's fundraising prowess and whatever stupid thing Newt Gingrich is doing this week. Dear Dems. I know what the GOP is doing. You want my support tell me what you're doing to stop them. For crying out loud, show us the game plan. Obviously, just electing more of the same Democrats isn't changing anything.

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