Thursday, July 08, 2010

Coddling Conservatives

I'm not familiar with Octavia Nasr's work, but I'm told she's very good at her job so it's really irritating that CNN fired her for one tweet that said something nice about a Hezbollah sheikh who died recently. Given the limits of 140 characters, she simply said she respected him. She explained later the tweet was in reference to his pioneering "on 'woman's rights,' and warning Muslim men against abusing their wives."

This is especially galling coming from the same people who defended the hire of RedStates' Erick son of Erick, a cretin who called a SCOTUS justice a "goatfucking child molester" and suggested scaring off census workers with firearms. Not to mention they regularly give a parade of crazy cons air time and allow them to trash liberals and lie their heads off.

But that's not all in the legacy media's gamebook this week. Markos is banned from appearing on MSNBC because he hurt Joe Scarborough's feelings on Twitter. MorningJoe is possibly the most offensive major media commentator on Twitter and is ridiculously thin-skinned. It would take less time to count how many people he hasn't blocked for hurting his precious fees fees than it would to count the number he's blocked for the most mild criticisms of his inane tweets.

Furthermore, Greg Sargent points out that MSNBC's defense of allowing Joe Scar to blackball Kos is very thin when you consider the attacks Liz Cheney made against their much higher rated hosts Keith Olbermann and Tweety Matthews.

And, of course, this also comes shortly after the WaPo fired Dave Weigel for emails he sent to a private listserv that was hacked and nevermind their other hack columnist who made a series of impossibly lame videos, including one where he effectively called Hillary Clinton a mad bitch and still has his job. As Atrios often says, "Our liberal media. Still not liberal."

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