Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breitbart lies, Media dies

It's unsurprising Andrew Breitbart, the far right's Cretin in Chief, is unrepentant about the Sherrod character assassination. Even after being exposed as a fraud, he wins. He got fluffed by the major media who gave him a huge forum to further spread his slime. He makes his living exploiting a gullible fan base who eagerly feed on the carnage of his butchered videos. This is not new. This was great for his business.

There is plenty of blame to go around here, but the biggest perps are not only letting themselves off the hook, they're actively covering up their crime.
But certain media outlets have played the story and the political ramifications for the Obama administration (and there are questions to be answered) as if they sprang out of the ether. There's a continuing rush to talk about effect, and very little desire to talk about cause — the steaming pile of misinformation delivered on a platter by one individual with a giant ax to grind.
Yes, the White House and the NAACP screwed it up. They admitted their mistake and tried to rectify it. But the media amplified theirs by failing to pursue the obvious narrative. Breitbart is a serial liar. It's not like they don't know he "snookered them" on the ACORN fraud. Instead they joined Andy in taking his pseudo-prostitute's advice.
"Above all, attack, attack, attack," Giles said. "Never defend."
And pretend you're just innocent bystanders who are shocked -- just shocked -- at how such an awful event could happen.

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