Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Unflappable Nancy Pelosi

I have to agree with Gail Collins that Nancy Pelosi doesn't get enough credit for what's she's done since she took the Speaker's gavel.
... Pelosi is an idealist working in the practical now. She genuinely sees her party as a vehicle for good and her pragmatism is not the least bit cynical. She is the most powerful woman in the country, the most fearless person on Capitol Hill and on track to be one of the most productive speakers in history.
She's done a lot to restore some semblence of ethics in the House, against her own interests for the greater good and she's delivered much better bills than Harry Reid. She's gracefully endured the most vile smears and gets the job done to the extent it's possible. She's really one of the best liberals we have in office right now. I sent her a thank you note today. I hope others will too.

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