Friday, June 04, 2010


The crazy just won't quit in South Carolina. State Sen. Jake Knotts, who supports gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley's opponent, made a splash today with an impromptu interview on a popular local online political talk show where he called Haley, and President Obama, fucking ragheads. He also went on to accuse Haley of being a Manchurian candidate who is being used as a tool for some dark plot to subvert Christianity, or something like that.

He was referring to Haley's Indian heritage and her being raised in the Sihk faith before she became a Methodist. After some SC GOPers condemned his remarks, he claimed it was all a joke, but I'm guessing he wasn't really kidding. And the irony here is, Haley is enough of a rightwing nutcase herself that Sarah Palin endorsed her.

It seems perfectly clear that southern Republicans have gone well and truly insane. The election of a black president has driven them mad, in every sense of the word.

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