Monday, June 21, 2010

A new view on the Gulf gusher

The news about the Gulf gusher doesn't change. Every day there's new evidence of BP's criminal negligence and the gusher just keeps spewing more oil into the Gulf. Probably much more than we've been told. And I remain convinced no one knows how to stop it and it will keep poisoning the sea for a very long time.
Meanwhile, I ran across Richard Shephard's website while reading about the latest developments. He hails from my long ago hometown of Cummington, MA. He's a freelancer who went to the Gulf to chronicle the disaster, and has been doing some great aerial photography. He also writes blog posts to go with the photos. He's an interesting guy.
A Briton by birth, Shephard, 53, has led a varied work life. He served seven years in the British Special Forces, went on to serve on British and Canadian oil exploration and drilling rigs and captained private yachts around the world. All those experiences have given him insight into the leak and the human response to it, he said.

Shephard gets his aerial photos using what he describes on his website as a "microlight backpack aircraft."
I never met him since he seems to arrived long after I left Cummington, but I wish I had. He sounds like my kind of people. [Quotes from Daily Hampshire Gazette - sub. only]

[More posts daily at The Detroit News]

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