Saturday, June 12, 2010

Media hits the beach - again

Yet another confrontation between the media and BP's hired thugs security guards on a public beach. This only two days after BP issued a statement saying they weren't preventing their workers from speaking to the press.

I have to admit I'm conflicted about this incident. It's getting to the point where, once again, the media is making the story all about them. I mean, while it's true that BP has been entirely too heavy handed in trying to limit media access, I would more outraged if they were doing something more than just trying to talk to the workers. These guys cleaning the beach don't know anything about what's going on. They're just out there raking. In a way the media puts them in an awkward position by hounding them for statements. Chances are great the workers really don't want to jeopardize the only job they can get by talking to the media anyway. We already know their job sucks and they're getting sick from it.

What's the point here other than to demonstrate the security guys are kind of jerks? This is old news now. I'd be much more interested in seeing them hound the execs and find out what steps they're taking to end this nightmare and get some explanations of the overall strategy. How about investigating what possible solutions are being overlooked? And by that I don't mean some idiot who made a bunch of substandard booms on spec.

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