Wednesday, June 02, 2010

It's not easy facing up when your whole world is black

The gusher in the Gulf just gets more depressing every day. It's increasingly obvious no one has a clue how to stop it and this admission by degrees is driving me insane. Latest worst case scenario is it could keep spewing oil until Christmas. Meanwhile, BP's ongoing cover-up of the damage continues apace.
"When we found this dolphin it was filled with oil. Oil was just pouring out of it. It was the saddest darn thing to look at," said a BP contract worker who took the Daily News on a surreptitious tour of the wildlife disaster unfolding in Louisiana.

His motive: simple outrage.

"There is a lot of coverup for BP. They specifically informed us that they don't want these pictures of the dead animals. They know the ocean will wipe away most of the evidence. It's important to me that people know the truth about what's going on here," the contractor said.
Glad that someone involved is interested in telling us the truth, no matter how painful. Sure as hell not going to get it from BP. Their CEO Tony Hayward is still denying the three 20+ mile long underwater plumes scientists have discovered even exist.

And if you're know someone who is having trouble grasping the enormity of this disaster, this is the best tool I've seen so far. It's a map that shows how big it would be if the spill was centered in your own town. Just heartbreaking.

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Anonymous marcus said...

Libby, BP has a refinery about 50 miles from me in Texas City (that's in Texas). They've had several "incidents" over the years, and people died in them.
I agree with the way you put it, admission by degree.
I visit the coast frequently, camping on the beach for days at a time. So far, no crude has shown up here. I feel badly for Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

1:03:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Marcus! I was afraid to ask how your beach was doing. Glad to hear you've been spared so far, but afraid it won't last if they don't cap the cursed gusher soon.

1:25:00 AM  

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