Saturday, June 19, 2010

He's oh so partisan

Remember the media fetish with bipartisanship during the Bush era? How they labeled every criticism Bush and Cheney made about Democrats, like practically calling them traitors, as partisan? Yeah, I don't either. But that was then. Today The Hill reports that Obama called out the GOP for blocking nearly every single bill of importance and Michael O'Brien's reponse?
It was on these partisan notes that Obama sought to set the stage for a bipartisan meeting on Wednesday at the White House, where he'll look to build consensus with lawmakers on an energy bill that can win enough support to pass through Congress.
Absolutely no mention in the article that what Obama said was -- you know -- true, but was careful to tell us why Republicans didn't like Obama's Oval Office speech. Without labeling their criticism as partisan. And of course this should have been the lede, and wasn't.
"All we ask for is a simple up or down vote," [Obama] said. "That’s what the American people deserve."
Instead it was just thrown in there as an aside. For "balance" I guess.

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