Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bigots demand white wash of mural in Arizona

The resident racists in Arizona work overtime to deny their bigotry and pretend their Hispanic hating is really about "border security." But the only way that applies to this vicious vendetta against a school mural is the dark complexioned faces in the art work triggered their border-line criminal insanity.

I don't know what's worse. The city councilman who started the shitstorm from behind the microphone of his local hate-talk show. The racist residents who drove by as the mural was being worked on and shouted "nigger" and "spic" at the children who were helping with the painting. Or the weak-kneed principal who finally ordered the dark faces on the mural be "lightened" for "artistic reasons."

The only ray of light in this vile attack on innocent children is at least the radio station fired the councilman and he no longer has a forum to spew his hatemongering. But he says he won't resign his council seat unless the voters tell him to do so. Which raises the question, who are the people who would vote such a cretin into office in the first place? And if they're in the majority, who in their right mind would want to spend time in Prescott?

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Anonymous Farman said...

Didn't know he had been fired from the radio statio, that's good news. The principal, et. al. also decided to leave the mural as it is.

12:14:00 PM  

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