Wednesday, June 02, 2010

All along the watchtower

Back to real world and I see the news only got uglier. Not quite ready to deal with the really horrific items yet so starting out with some lighter stuff.

Personally I don't think Al and Tipper Gore's breakup is anybody's business but their own, but of course it become an instant bobblehead obsession. Don't really care what they think about it, but if you want the ultimate summation, Digby has it. This Tweety quote is the shorter. "Matthews: I'm looking at myself in the camera and I'm saying, 'I don't understand what I'm talking about here.'"

That, of course, could sum up the greater part of his commentary on any subject. For myself, when I read the headlines, the first thing I thought of was Tipper's crusade against "explicit lyrics" in music back in the 80s.

This sink hole in Guatemala really freaked me out. It's so symmetrical. Looks like a wormhole to the heart of all evil to me.

The WSJ went way downhill once Murdoch got his grubby paws on it, but admit I loved this headline. Al Qaeda Proves Adept at Filling Risky No. 3 Post. It's a subscription only article but they do note in the blurb that we've nailed at least seven No. 3 AQ guys so far.

The gusher in the Gulf continues to break my heart and spin my outrage into toxic levels. SoBeale sums up my inner turmoil well. You Maniacs!. She's right. I don't think people quite understand yet that we have killed the Gulf of Mexico. Literally.

And a shout out to the latest Atriot spinoff site, where they have a functional comment system for those many moments when Echo continues to suck a million times worse than Haloscan ever did. Check out Not Eschaton.

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Anonymous Farman said...

"That, of course, could sum up the greater part of his commentary on any subject."

HAHA! A and Men!

I really love taking to task conservatives who bring out Chris Matthews as an beacon for the democratic party.

12:10:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Really. Tweety is in love with the sound of his own voice. Doesn't really care what he says as long he makes his 5 mill a year for saying it.

12:46:00 PM  

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