Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our liberal media - really!

The conservatives have at least a thirty year jump on us, having opted for media control over activism while the Democrats embraced the opposite approach, but it looks like that balance is finally starting to change. Via former Editor & Publisher honcho Greg Mitchell's new blog at The Nation, Media Fix, has a great daily feature destined to become the new mandatory first read of the morning. Today's Morning Daybook has a wealth of encouraging links.

Oliver Willis and the blogger/Twitter king Shoq have started a new site called National Confidential that can only be described as a liberal version of the Drudge Report. The page still needs a little work to pretty it up some but it's a perfect mock-up of Drudge, only with better links. I loved it. Check it out for yourself.

Another newly launched site also shows great promise, the fine folks at Free Press give us Media Fail featuring numerous instances submitted and voted on by their readers.

Also be sure to click over to Greg's morning daybook to catch this video of a "Great Lewis Black bit on 'The Daily Show' last night on Glenn Beck's 'Nazi Tourette's' syndrome (he makes more Nazi references than the History Channel) as we see Glenn link everyone from Al Gore to ACORN to Hitler."

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