Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama Fail Watch: Day 37

Slow news cycles breed inane punditry. Looking at the latest twist in the media narrative I see some half-hearted efforts to revive the failed Obama's Katrina meme and the beginnings of the new stenographic, GOP friendly story line -- Obama's failure to personally stop the damn gusher is proof positive the government can't do anything right. His presidency is doomed. John Cole catches the latest attempt to stick that meme, and responds with the rant that was raging in my head. This graf sums it up.
I’m all for constructive criticism, but flailing around over things that no one can control is just driving me nuts. Why hasn’t Obama done more to stop the leak? I dunno. Why didn’t Obama do more to save John Murtha and Dennis Hopper! Why won’t he wave his magic fucking wand and bring world peace! Why is unemployment at 10%? Why are we all going to die one day!

Because sometimes things don’t have solutions or answers, you losers. Try acting like you are a little older than five for a change.
Really. Read it all. It's not the exact words I would use, but he captures my reaction to the internets today, perfectly. No mas. Adding, por favor.

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