Sunday, May 30, 2010


Posting has been light because my brother and his family are in town from Alaska. Haven't seen them in 14 years so I've been spending as much time as possible with them while they're here. Had a great time today. We all went to breakfast and then hung out at Dad's watching the birds at the feeders. And even better, a family of wrens starting moving into one of the bird houses. Very exciting. They've been up there for years and this is the first time any birds actually used one.

In any event, it's the holiday weekend and news is slow anyway. Best thing on the internets today, and every Sunday really, is Culture of Truth's Bobblehead Translations. He watches the Sunday morning shows, so you don't have to and interprets what they're really saying with uncanny accuracy. Loved this bit from Meet the Press. Dancing Dave is interviewing a BP exec.
Gregory: when will we learn that your next effort has failed?

Dudley: we should confirm our next failure in about seven days

Gregory: how much oil are you spilling into the Gulf?

Dudley: somewhere between A Motherfucking Lot and a Giant Shitload

Gregory: why so slow?

Dudley: we don’t want to make things worse

Gregory: worse? How could things be worse?

Dudley: our next move will crack the earth’s crust and unleash the minions of satan from the depths of hell

Gregory: it seems you are incompetent idiots who ruined America and had no plan at all

Dudley: no we had a plan to deny everything – it worked great until the oil washed up on shore

Gregory: did you lie to everyone

Dudley: look we’re frustrated too – did you know oil is very slippery?!?

Gregory: I did actually

Dudley: ooh look at the big brain on Greggers

Gregory: should BP CEO Tony Heyward resign for destroying his company and a regional economy

Dudley: Tony Heyward is doing an awesome job dodging responsibility for wrecking thousands of lives.
Read it all the link and bookmark it. He's there every Sunday.

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