Sunday, May 23, 2010

Armchair Traveler

Between the ongoing disaster in the Gulf and the textbook massacre in Texas and all the other depressing news of the last week, figure we use a little mental health break. So how about an art links only post for a Sunday?

My big media tweep, New Media Jim is tradmed photog who tweets candid pix from his trips. He just went to China with Hillary Clinton and this was my favorite picture of Shanghai. So surreal.

And my twitpal hudsonette has been posting up a storm of fabulous art links. Really like this photo gallery. Jeff Brouws Americana.

My friend Ina is a terrific artist and is having an Art Auction of her 100 protraits series. Bidding starts @ $1each (+postage, where applies). Bidding ends 31 May.

Almost didn't click through to the end on this one because I didn't like the first couple that much, but it got more interesting as I went on. 10 abandoned places around the world.

Loved these Eames chairs painted by street artists.

I'm a pushover for good sunset pix The post photo of a Sedona sunset comes from Uncucumbered at this site as well.

Thought this one was going to be about clothes but they're very cool graphics. Britain's Mid-Century Female Designers.

This was my favorite of the week. One year in 60 seconds.

But this came in a close second. These little robots are so cute. Hexapod: Best of Dance 2010.

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