Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vote for Todd

If you're lucky enough to live in Vermont, you're blessed with residence in one of the most beautiful states in the union. The green rolling hills dotted with little farms and the occassional small city are like something out of Tolkien. As you drive around, it doesn't seem all that farfetched to think you might catch a glimpse of a hobbit, or elf or even an Ent peeking through the trees.
Well, now you're doubly lucky because you have an opportunity to vote for a remarkably honest man to represent you in the Statehouse. My friend N Todd Pritsky is running for the Vermont House and you couldn't ask for a better candidate. He says stuff like this:
We have a great luxury in Vermont where the partisan duopoly isn't entirely absolute, where belief in split government is strong, and where we can simultaneously send a Democrat, a Republican and an avowed Socialist to Washington, DC. I truly appreciate being represented good people as opposed to taking a backseat to factional interests.

I know that in a campaign based on issues, I can reach out to all my constituents and we will find agreement on many things that matter most. That includes folks who have become disenchanted with the political climate in Washington and here at home, whether they support Code Pink or the Tea Party, the 10th Amendment or Second Vermont Republic movements, Democrats and Republicans or alternative parties and independents.
He's a helluva organizer and a tireless advocate for social justice so I expect him to win. Heck, I almost feel like moving to Vermont myself, just so he could be my representative in government. Since that isn't possible, I've fanned him on Facebook and I'm spreading the word to you lucky Vermonters.

Oh, and by the way, contrary to the rumors, he does have a blog.

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