Friday, April 09, 2010

Strange bedfellows in NC

Local paper is pretty bad about reporting political news outside of our little hamlet so first I've heard of SEIU officials setting up a third party with an eye towards running candidates in the next election. "It won’t be lost on political observers that three House Dems who voted No on reform are from the state: Heath Shuler, Mike McIntyre, and Larry Kissell."

Not sure if I think that's a great strategy given the demographics here. While it's true registered Dems outnumber the GOP by a lot, the indys are also significant and guessing that most of them are tea party cons. Leaves the split pretty even. But I'm not that savvy yet about the political dynamic here so if it works to knock out those three, especially Shuler, I'd be happy enough to support it.

Meanwhile, this is really weird. Given my limited interaction with GOPers here, I could be wrong, but they seem to usually be as lockstep as the national offices so when the state party chair calls for Steele to resign, it leaves me wondering what that means. Have a gut feeling it means, this being such a Bible thumping state, they're nervous about the midterms given the string of sex scandals swirling around the party.

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