Sunday, April 11, 2010

Since you've been gone

Have a couple follow-up links that came in too late to append to the original posts. First, the internet neutrality story continues to look less alarming. Saw something on twitter about the FCC having a lot of various other regs in the works, but it never hurts to let them know you're watching so please sign this Free Press letter to the FCC. It's a 30 second point + click activism deal.

Don't know if this is true but it made me laugh. They may have figured out what that Qatari diplomat who got in trouble on the airplane was really smoking. Shep Smith speculates.

The wingnuts have been trying to paint Obama's new nuke policy as some kind of dangerous downgrade of national security and many are invoking Saint Ronnie, alluding to some imaginary hard line view. Of course, as Jon Stewart illustrates, Obama and Reagan held the exact same view.

I've been reading John Cole since he was posting wingnut defenses and he was always a great writer. Really good to have him on our side now. We’re a really stupid country.

My love/hate relationship with Jake Tapper continues to mellow towards mostly love. While he does occassionally still annoy, he's become the most responsive big name journalist on Twitter. Not only that, but he takes suggestions seriously. Jay Rosen proposed a fact check system for the Sunday bobbleheads and Jake is adopting it for his stint hosting This Week.

Meanwhile, my new internet crush Ken Bazinet notices Obama's financial reform demands and sees that they are good.

Wasn't going to post this one, but it's so weird I can't stop thinking about it. Gunfight at the Muskogee Mall. This being Oklahoma, maybe they have shoot-outs there all the time, but I'd love to know what this was about.

A lot of people thought this Tina Fey SNL skit was hilarious. I only laughed once but her impression of Palin is so dead on, it's worth watching just for the stagecraft.

And it's not a linkfest without some photos. This is a treasure trove. Portfolios of all AFP photographers.

Also thanks to Kevin for flagging this link. Truly the best shot I saw of the last launch was this time-lapse photo of space shuttle.

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