Saturday, April 03, 2010

Peep Show

I don't know about you guys, but I'm in bad need of a mental health break. Since there's no news to speak of anyway, I'm going to post a bunch of fun links today that I've been saving for a while.

The one of the year that I gladly link to WaPo is for their annual peeps dioramas. I swear the entries get more brilliant every year. The winner, impressive as it was, wasn't even my favorite but I'm not sure I could pick just one. Kind of loved them all.

Roger Ebert also uncovered a a great Easter Egg done by this artist Terry.

Drew found these amazing sculptures that look like they are in motion. I wasn't that impressed with the first few but they just kept getting better.

This was amazing. Imagine the surprise of the passengers on the airplane when they flew by Montserrat's Soufriere Hills volcano erupting.

Loved this Lego art. Click through to the artist's gallery. It's worth it. Via Sully

I can never get enough of these. Gorgeous vintage ads from the 1920's.

These are fun too. Aliens in vintage postcards, via Avedon.

I'm such a huge fan of Grace Kelly, I used to use a pix of her for my avatar. Here's a nice slide show. She was so elegant.

And I have no idea what this is, but think it's very cool. All I know for sure is it's somewhere around Las Vegas.

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Blogger Avedon said...

Do you still have the real link to that Lego art? I mean, if I want to see Andrew Sullivan (and I generally don't), I can get there myself, but Lego art, that's important!

10:04:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks for the heads up. Didn't notice that wasn't a permalink. Picked it up somewhere on twitter. Fixed the link in this post too.

3:26:00 PM  

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