Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not that you'll find it on the internets

My local paper printed my LTE without editing it. They don't post most of them on their internet page. In fact, they have the worst internet presence of any newspaper I've ever read online. But anyway, I can post the text here now that it has been published.
After leaving our nation's unemployed in limbo for weeks, Congress finally overcame a Republican block on an emergency bill and voted to extend unemployment benefits this week. That is to say, the Democrats along with only 3 Republicans voted for it. Our own representative, Virginia Foxx, voted against extending the aid to our district's residents who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Of course, Mrs Foxx doesn't worry about paying her own bills or putting food on the table. She reports her wealth between $2,637,053 to $8,982,000. That's almost double the assets she declared in 2004. Clearly she's benefited from her position as our Congresswoman.

Mrs. Foxx also voted against the health care reform bill and vows to repeal it. Why should she care about protecting our health and cracking down on the worst practices of the insurance industry? She already has the best health care in America which is subsidized by us, the taxpayers. Foxx has fully embraced Republican obstructionism in DC and her votes make clear that she puts the political interests of her party above the practical needs of our country.

Mrs. Foxx is a probably a nice person who means well. However, the power that comes with DC incumbency too often corrupts our politicians. Over the years party loyalty and re-election concerns inevitably take precedence over serving the voters. It's time to send new people with fresh ideas to DC. I'm going to vote for Billy Kennedy and I urge the good people of Iredell County to do the same.
Yeah, I was a little soft on crazy old Foxx but hey, I do have to live in this town and they print your name.

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