Monday, April 26, 2010

My roses bloomed last night

Shell pink and so sweetly fragrant. Nice start to the week. Lord knows I needed something postitive to focus on. I've been sputtering angry about the facism in Arizona. I did my post at DetNews about that and I'm not going to say anymore except I'm pretty sure that law won't survive a legal challenge. I think in the end, they will pay heavily for it.

This is bittersweet. Hudsonette tells me the horse that never won a race in 100 starts, Zippy Chippy retired to the farm. He used to run at the races in Northampton. Never bet on him but always enjoyed watching him compete. The crowd was always pulling for him. Think the best I saw him do was third.

Don't know what Eyjafjallajokull is doing, but if you wait a bit for the download this is a live volcano-cam.

This was good find. No George, we're not missing you at all.

Can't remember if I already posted this, but I would love to live in any of these treehouses. And love these tree tunnels.

Finally, one of my favorite tweeters, Empire State Building pix, tells me they have a sister site in France, Eiffel Tower Pics. That may be my second favorite building in the world.

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