Friday, April 09, 2010

CNN death watch

CNN is betting on the wrong horse's ass. They're sending love letters to wingnut bloggers pitching CNN against the dirty hippies storylines. And then there's this programming decision to air Pete Peterson's thoroughly debunked propaganda docu-liar-mentary "I.O.U.S.A."

I participated in a conference call with Peterson when he first fired up his astroturf machine. Pure corporate pap with an eye towards abolishing every social safety program in America. Apparently CNN won't air any opposing views to counter their spin.

CNN execs are idiots. They are never going to win over Fox fans no matter how hard they pander to the crazies. These people consider CNN the enemy and all attempts to grab their attention will be viewed as trickery. Possible they might get a curiousity spike or two if the bigger wingnut bloggers bite, but they'll never outfox Fox to win the loyalty viewers who depend on Fox to affirm their life views.

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