Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bee in my bonnet

A few more links. This is possibly the most useful one I've seen ever and again from the irrepresible Roger Ebert. For those times when you're trying to get the free shipping from Amazon and you're a few cents sort of the limit, this tool will find you something in their inventory to make up the difference.

Kind of forgot what this one was about, but the White House has a tool to calculate your potential tax savings.

Liked these a lot. Apparently Sen Leahey is something of a shutterbug. A gallery of his photos.

Loved this pix of Michelle and Hillary.

Official WH photog Pete Souza has a twitter account where he posts his photos. This set from Obama's trip to Afghanistan was very good.

And this is old but you may have missed it. I didn't get around to watching it myself yet but it was getting rave reviews when it first posted. Plouffe versus Rove on some bobblehead show.

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