Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yet another dopey "Conservajoke"

Not sure why this didn't post last night as scheduled, but I'm posting it now.

Alan Colmes is putting on the hits today. He's unearthed yet another of member of the Wingnut Wimmin Haters Club, an idiot state rep in North Carolina. He was invited to a women’s history event at the state Museum of History and this was his RSVP:
“Thanks for your kind invitation. However, I must regret for I have promised to be at the organizational meeting of the ‘White male’ history society. Sincerely, WAC.”
Unfortunately, that WAC-y fella hit reply all and sent it the entire State House. When confronted on his incivility he claims it was supposed to be funny. Think the only people laughing are himself and his kindred pseudo-macho men.

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