Thursday, March 11, 2010

Say what you like...

I haven't really been following Chief Justice Roberts' little temper tantrum about being criticized by Obama at the SOTU, but Glenzilla did do a marvelous takedown of his whine and it's pretty short by Mr. Greenwald's standards. Majestic Petulance.

Also worth reading in full today is former FTC attorney Henry M. Banta's slap at the media failure to deal with economic reality:
Despite catastrophic events, it is folly to expect the suffering of millions and an onslaught of inconsistent facts to wipe out an economic theory whose tenets were and still are so convenient for so many powerful economic interests. At present the defenders of the efficient market hypothesis are engaged in trying to pin the cause of the financial crisis on the government. (If the financial crisis was the result of government policies, then one could still plausibly claim the market to be rational, efficient, etc.)
On the lighter side, via my Twitter sweetie, John de Guzman an incredible gallery of 1930's Gottscho pics of NYC.

Roger Ebert takes us a trip down memory lane with astounding sci-fi covers. Claims he read every word of these magazines.

For Stones fans, I loved these vintage Mick Jagger pix.

And this gallery of Las Vegas carpets amused me. I had no idea the casinos looked like this and after looking at the pictures my first thought was, "They give you free drinks and then expect you to walk a straight line down these halls?"

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