Sunday, March 07, 2010

My new internet crush

I expect Mark Knoller will be devasted to learn I have a new internet crush. It's not that I don't still adore Knoller's cuddly geekiness, but my heart has totally been won by a new find, the Bazmaniandevil. I never expected to be saying that about someone who writes for the effin' NY Daily News, but Ken Bazinet had me from the moment he said, "to be fair" during our first twitter convo. Not to mention, he's a Red Sox fan. Trying not to hold the Deadhead thing against him. Hell, a lot of my friends are Deadheads.

Needless to say, I had to google to figure out why I hadn't noticed his byline before. He's been working the Beltway beat for decades. Guess I didn't pay that much attention to bylines back when he was with UPI and I've harbored a knee jerk snobbery about the Daily News since the days my dad used to bring it home as part of the load of Sunday papers he bought every week. Daily News had the best Sunday comics, but the news part of the paper -- and yeah I did read the news from the time I was about ten years old -- struck me even then as tabloid trash.

Apparently they got much better over time but although I did occassionally link to a single story that someone flagged, I tended not to read it fully or regularly. My loss. Ken has a blog there and he's really a great writer. Also cruising through google I see he was one of the few who consistently challenged the Bush administration. I probably linked to him and didn't realize it.

As this intro to the video interview says, he's the personification of the "hard-boiled reporter" and even though he's in DC, he strikes me a classic hard-nosed New Yorker type too.

I'm in internet love.

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