Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heading for the last roundup

Ended up spending a few hours with my Dad yesterday and have been "whipping the vote" on the reform bill so I didn't get around to blogging or reading the news last night. Not that there's much to read. It's all speculation and wild-eyed reactions from the GOPers at this point. Quote of the day on the "debate" goes to ArrghPaine:
Attn: voters, #hcr hyperbole expected to crest 30 feet above ridiculous, please move to higher ground.
At this point, I'm in my Red Sox theory mode. Just believing it's going to pass and sitting back to witness the far right wing freakout. I missed the Plouffe v. Rove faceoff this morning on the bobblehead shows, but CoT has the translations at Bobblespeak, which are always better than subjecting yourself directly to the original.

President Obama made a helluva speech at the caucus yesterday in support of the bill. Full version of the meeting at the link above or you can watch just Obama's speech here.

And it's been a good week for big links at our humble little blog. No name check at this one, just a "what others are blogging" link, but I believe it's the first time I ever got a link from the Wall St. Journal. Meaningless, but dork that I am, it still excites me to see this stuff.

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