Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tea Party Tantrums

What really pisses me off is the media treats these tea party thing with 600 attendees like some momentous event and gives it wall to wall coverage. If they had given one tenth that much attention to the much larger anti-war movement in the 00s, Iraq might never have happened and we would all be better off. Meanwhile, they encourage and enable a gathering of mostly fringe lunatics, and the cold-blooded profiteers who feed off of them, who are actually trying to destroy our country. These tweets from JNSMALL of Swampland paints a picture of the true nature of these people.
Awkward moment during this morning's #teaparty speech when a speaker yelled "We don't need the press," and the crowd stood, turned, then jeered & chanted USA at us.

And for the 2nd time this morning, the crowd stands, turns, and jeers at us, "Can you hear us??" #teaparty

The crowd is getting a little scary. I felt safer watching a mob of Haitians lynch and kill a would-be robber last week.
To be fair she did later mention a sweet old lady that hugged one of the cameramen and offered some words of encouragement, but I fear she's the exception and not the rule at this gathering. Feeding the general rage and inflated self-importance of this crowd by putting them on national teevee doesn't seem that wise to me.

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Blogger Ruth said...

Actually, I tuned in fora moment and noticed that the teabaggers were giving nasty looks to the cameras. Of course, I'd be embarrassed to associate with that bunch, too, especially after hearing keynote speaker Tancredo refer to the president of the U.S. as a committed socialist ideologue who was elected by voters who can't spell vote. This is as authentic as Darth Cheney on foreign affairs.

3:22:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I don't have cable so I couldn't get it live since CSPAN wasn't live streaming on the internet. I think I saw one clip from some news station. It looked pretty empty to me. Saw some of Tancredo in clips too. Jaw hits floor to think this guy ran for president. Then this morning I see one my winger regs at the DetNews comment section is posting links to Farah's birther screed. The world has gone crazy Ruth. At least that part of it. I can't believe the media pumps these people up and by that I mean, all the non-Fox stations.

8:13:00 AM  

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