Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reflections on the Tea Party Convention

I did my long form post at DetNews on this, but I'm posting the links here for those who don't read that blog and because I love the jutxaposition between them. Melinda Warner went undercover as an attendee for Media Matters and posted the most fair and unemotional assessment of the tea party people I've seen since the phenomenon started. She identifies as a former conservative turned progressive.

At Newsweek, a self-professed conservative posts a sharply critical review of the speakers. And he rightly notes that the tradmed have all but ignored the batshit crazy speakers before Palin. They made her look almost reasonable.

But my favorite was this at The Left Coaster, a review of the original tea party patriots. Not that today's tea party tantrum throwers will ever get it the difference.

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