Saturday, February 06, 2010

Quote of the Day

It's early but I'm giving Gail Collins quote of the day for this observation on Shelby's claim that he's holding the government hostage out of "national security concerns."
Yes, indeedy. We’re talking terrorism here, folks. A threat to the American way of life, which guarantees the right of every American senator, no matter how humble or dimwitted, to bring the democratic process to a standstill whenever he or she feels the mood.
Our Senate is broken. These stupid holds that aren't even in the official rules. The phantom "filibusters." It's got to stop.

I'm still not entirely convinced we should totally eliminate the filibuster but I do think it's well past time that, if we're going to keep it, it needs to be restored to its original form and purpose. Meaning, just the threat of one can't be allowed to shut down the business at hand. Let them get on CSPAN and explain "their concerns" for as long as it takes.

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