Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Populist wave for marijuana legization sweeps the country

Matt Yglesias reminds the media that context is everything, especially when it comes to polling.
Des Moines register reports: “A third of Iowans from across the political spectrum say they support the ‘tea party’ movement, sounding a loud chorus of dissatisfaction with government, according to The Des Moines Register’s new Iowa Poll.” But how loud a chorus is this, really? 55 percent of Americans say they’re personally protected by a guardian angel. 38 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Cuba and 36 percent are favorably disposed toward socialism, but I don’t see anyone writing newspaper articles about how a populist wave of socialism is sweeping the country. The number of Iowans who like the tea party movement is smaller than the number of Americans who want marijuana legalized or the number of Americans who believe the government has had secret contact with extra-terrestrials.
So surely, the media narrative that tea party fever is sweeping the nation is just more proof of that darn liberal bias. [h/t Southern Beale]

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