Thursday, February 11, 2010

None of us are free

There are days, actually many days, when I wonder why I don't just quit blogging and leave a permalink up to John Cole. This must read post of the day is brilliant. What Obstructionism-Nihilism-The Wurlitzer Looks Like.

You've probably seen the stupid "Miss Me Yet" billboard with a picture of George Bush looking incredibly stupid on it. Oliver Willis posts the ultimate answer to that question.

Don't really understand what the hell this is, but if the contest is still running, you could live off groupon for a year.

One of the things I really miss in life is Calvin and Hobbes comics. Here's a collection of snowman strips. Calvin's snowmen were always my favorites.

In DC from the latest storm, this is really cute. Protesting snowmen.

This was the best pix I saw from the previous storm.

From Roger Ebert's twitter feed, What exactly are we looking at here? And a virtual tour of the most eccentric home in London.

And this is very cool. Not sure they're really wild birds, but they're really playing a Gibson guitar.

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