Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just give me some kind of sign...

Somehow I lost the day and I need to go out and get some food to fill my empty cupboards so a little linkfest to fill in the white space.

Southern Beale discovers the far right's next target. First they came for ACORN....

In better news, Mark Knoller reports from today's presser that the White House is telling Congress Obama supports repeal of anti-trust exemptions for health insurance companies.

WIth assets totaling about $2.5 trillion in Dec 2009, there is no Social Security crisis. Really.

This is so creepy. Meet the Oath Keepers, the fast-growing "patriot" group recruiting soldiers to resist the Obama administration who are loosely afilliated with the Tea Party people. The quote that really struck me was the miltia guy who said, "I trusted Bush to only go after the terrorists."

Which is ironic considering Obama has caught more Taliban leaders in 1 month than Bush/Cheney did in 7 years.

A brilliant insight from O'Toole Fan: How can it be a "government takeover" of health care if private insurance companies get 30 million new customers?

A compelling movie trailer for a foreign film. The Berlin Wall as seen through the eyes of rabbits. Sounds weird but it sticks with you.

And a couple of links I've been afraid to open because I think I'll end up getting lost at the sites. Not sure how to describe this youtube mashup site but it was posted with the caveat: Bet you can't spend less than 10 mins on here. I looked at it and I'm betting they're right. It looks like too much fun.

And I don't dare even open this until I'm sure I have time since it combines two of my loves. Vintage airline posters, 1,400 of them.

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