Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't call them centrists dammit

We probably would have health care reform by now if not for this sort of stupid media narrative.
The future of President Obama’s health care overhaul now rests largely with two blocs of swing Democrats in the House of Representatives — abortion opponents and fiscal conservatives — whose indecision signals the difficulties Speaker Nancy Pelosi faces in securing the votes necessary to pass the bill.
They aren't "fiscal conservatives" or "centrists" at all. They are gutless, bought off corporate lackeys. As for the nanny government theocrats, I guess anti-abortion is accurate enough, but I prefer to call them anti-choice and anti-women's health. What really galls me though, is that if these spineless Dems in Congress had got their act together and passed this thing six months ago, by now people would have forgotten about how outraged they were because none of the horribe lies of the GOP would have come true. But instead, these gutless cowards are now going to be "protecting their seats" and be afraid to do anything at all.

The irony is, they're screwed either way. People are just as pissed at how much they dick around doing nothing as they are about what they finally do. Incumbents are in jeopardy no matter what, a fact clearly not lost on the dozens who are quitting. I'm thinking the silver lining here, no matter what the party split on the floor ends up being, is that we get rid a lot of these old dinosaurs who have been in office way too long already.

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