Sunday, February 21, 2010

A day at the White House

For all the griping about how Obama is no different than Bush, there have been changes. People were clamoring for years about having the White House visitor logs made public. The Bush White House spent millions of tax dollars fighting the request for just a few names. The Obama administration has now made every visitor's name and purpose public. You can read about a typical day and sorry it's the WaPo, but this one bit struck me as most significant.
While Boguslaw performed, Obama's 132 guests entered and passed the piano. There were more than a dozen members of Congress, each deposited moments earlier by personal drivers on East Executive Avenue.
Congresslizards have personal drivers? And who pays for that?

How far is it from the White House to Capitol Hill anyway? I'm thinking it would be good for them to walk. But even if that's not possible, don't you think they could have a shuttle of some kind instead of being chauffeured individually? No wonder they feel like freaking royalty; they treat themselves like kings.

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