Friday, February 12, 2010

Climate disruption

I read on twitter this morning that for the first time ever, it snowed in every state except Hawaii this year. Of course the head in the sand denialists use this strange weather to argue there is no such thing as global warming. Always thought that it was mistake to call it global warming, precisely because it lends itself to those jokes and misunderstandings of the concept of climate. It's harder to dispute the climate has been disrupted and that phrase, if one is to judge from the discomfited howling of my critics, is harder to deny.

I guess a lot of people are just afraid to face the facts because it's scary and no one is sure how to stop it. On the other hand, maybe a lot of people really are just stupid. I see the latest polling shows 75% support allowing gays and lesbians to serve in the military but only 59% support the right of homosexuals to do so. And if you ask the question in a different wording that I've already forgotten, the support drops again.

Some days when I say, "just shoot me?" I really mean it.

Update: CSM using measureable snow says it will be all 50 states if Florida gets snow that sticks. Apparently Hawaii has some snow on its mountain tops.

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