Monday, February 01, 2010

All who wander are not lost

Doing my serious blogging at DetNews this morning, (link at bottom of post), but it's been a long time since I did a linkfest and I've been accumulating a lot of them. Seems like Monday is good day to hit some of the lighter stuff.

First, if your remote clicker is dead and fresh batteries doesn't fix it, before you run out and buy a new one, try this method for fixing a dead remote. Via Atrios who says it works.

Though I try to avoid Palin, if you missed this Doonesbury, it's a very funny strip on Palin outtakes in the storyline about celebrity GPS voiceovers.

This short clip is so old I forget what stupid thing they were talking about, but it was Twitter sensation for a day and I'm curious if anyone else thinks Peggy Noonan always looks drunk.

This tweet from Queen Rania of Jordan has been haunting me for a couple of days. This picture of her son's birthday party struck me as incredibly sad. I just don't see any joy in this celebration. Thinking it must be hard to be a royal kid.

On a brighter note, CSMonitor posts a gorgeous gallery of the full "wolf moon" from all corners of the world.

More great galleries: Wonders of nature and waterfall shots. Also really like this photo blog.

Jamison Foser passes on this very cool crazy cube optical illusion.

My sweetie John de Guzman posts yet another sexy sunset shot of the Chrysler building.

And I can't recall if I posted these already, but just in case, I was blown away by the art of cutting leaves and my friend Bode is so cool. He gets paid to do graffiti.

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