Saturday, January 02, 2010

Starting off easy

I have lots of links saved that I never got to during the flurry of holiday gatherings. Since it feels kind of like a Sunday, figure a good place to start is with the pretty pictures.

A new follow of mine on Twitter, Hudsonette had been a treasure trove of links to fabulous galleries. My favorite was this one, Found Landscapes – photographs by landscape architect Ken McCown.

But they're all great. From the Museum of the City of New York The Look Magazine exhibit.

10 years of NYT Readers' photos.

Maira Kalman's fantastic op-ed art on the subject of democracy.

And this single shot, two egrets flying across the river on a foggy morning.

Moving on, my own Detroit News posts some amazingly good photo galleries. Like this one: 104 ways to remember 2009.

Greg Mitchell also regularly posts great photo links. This is officially my favorite personal photo of his in 2009, Up in the Air.

And I adore him for posting this fun roundup of Jesus sightings from around the world with photos--including the famous cheese/Jeez sandwich.

Don't remember where I picked up these vintage WPA posters but I do love them.

And via watertiger, this was amazing and very moving somehow. Made me a little weepy but in a good way. How to draw gorilla portraits.

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